Homemade Gifts Pt. 2

snowmen gifts 2

Christmas, such a fun busy time of the year. Part of the Christmas spirit for me, is letting myself truly enjoy the holidays. I don’t make a lot of gifts, I don’t bake too many cookies or cook anything very complicated. I want to be able to enjoy Christmas, watch movies with my kids, go sledding, listen to music and dance with my children. I don’t want to be so busy during Christmas that I am unable to enjoy those little things. Plus, I think my children are going to have better memories of me spending time with them, then they would have of the perfect homemade gift, or a perfect turkey dinner. They don’t care about these things anyway.

Now that the holidays are over and things are starting to settle down and I am happy to be back in blog land.

I did manage to make a few homemade gifts this year, but I made sure they were fast and easy to make. Have a child in school now means I had to think of gifts for the teacher, her bus monitor ( the amazing older boy that zips up her jacket and gets her on the right bus after school) and gifts for her bus drivers.

Luckily I came across a pin on Pinterest for making the most adorable snowmen out of chocolate bars. I loved this idea as I had everything I needed on hand besides the chocolate bars. I loved making these and my daughter was very proud of them, and couldn’t wait to hand them out and let everyone know her mommy made them!

Yes I made these for Christmas, but since they are snowmen they can be given out all winter long.

I found the original idea here

snowmen gifts


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